If you don't want to find something, look in a place it isn't found.(Media)

To protect your livelihood, make it obscure and complicated. (Government)

Electoral contributions are little more than a enemies list for the other side. (Government)

People will agree to something that sounds nice, especially if it doesn't affect them.(Government)

Stealing very little from a lot of people doesn't make the victims mad.(Government)

You can promise the world as long as it is not immediately.(Government)

When you hit a sore spot, the article gets really long.(Media)

Blame the company CEO, but not the shareholders who elected them.(Media)

Time and a half is great for workers, but 150% mark-up for a business is profiteering.(Media)

Ball players can make millions, but CEO's are greedy.(Media)

Oil company profits are evil, but selling gas below cost is against the law.(Government)

If a company profits from a stupid government policy, blame the company.(Media)

The really good negative stuff usually comes out after the election.(Media)

Don't piss off the people you want to work for.(Media)

Slowly boil the frog, especially in parts it wouldn't notice.(Government)

Researchers for the biggest media story, get the grant money.(Government)