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Friday, February 5 2016

Political Correctness Explained

Saturday, January 30 2016

UAW Golf Course

Heard people talking about this and had to verify:

Thursday, January 14 2016

Obama Gun Salesman or Salesperson?

Someone said that you would've made a killing if you bought the stock early in his presidency and they're right.

Saturday, January 2 2016

McCain Actually Supports Markets

Friday, December 25 2015

Ship Breaking

It is a horrible messy and dangerous business. But looking at the complete lack of safety, just a modicum of training and equipment would appear to dramatically improve the workers. Hard hats, walkie talkies, safety cones and gloves, some of the simplest cheapest things you could think of. I'm a total libertarian on the subject and feel that countries need to go through a wretched industrialization period and then safety and REASONABLE environmental standards will crop-up.

Friday, December 4 2015

Vietnam Restrictions

13 minutes to the end where R. Adm. Jeremy D. Taylor talks. He points out they were bombing drums of fuel, but leaving the tankers alone.

Wednesday, September 23 2015

Good Idea, in Theory

Gorgeous house, but metal will bring the outside temp inside. Saw a PBS thing where someone built a house out of concrete pads enclosed with metal that were left over from construction. They had to install warmers to deal with temperature issues.

Saturday, September 19 2015

That Old Test Circulating

While yes that test looks intimidating, the bottom link shows percentage enrollment and it was pretty bad for schools in the early days.


Monday, September 14 2015

App Idea

It lists any special taxes for the location you are in. For instance, if an area tacks extra onto the sales tax or gas tax.

Sunday, September 13 2015

Healthcare Costs

Great chart that shows expenditures by age. Basically, everything pretty much matches until 55 when we spend everything and Europe merely nudges upwards.

Wednesday, September 2 2015

Lov Gov

I don't really like the Independent Institute. They use the same "fact" bank as the MSM, so most articles don't have anything original in them that'd I'd like. My attitude is that if you insult me, you'd better entertain me or blow me over with facts. Anyways, they did a good job on this one:

Tuesday, August 25 2015

Public Wifi

Was listening to old podcasts and came across a presentation by Diana Neff on Philly broadband. Funny, thing is a law was passed to prevent it, but they got an exemption. Anyway, the usual happened slow speed and too few customers.

Diana Neff [

Sunday, August 23 2015

Rise of the Moron

About 39 minutes in, more about marketing to the narcissists. Ask what your country can do for you, not what you can do for your country.

Good video on Bernie Chavez:

Tuesday, August 18 2015


I take the Rudy Giuliani stance that it should be rare. For the incompetent economist in me, I wonder about the value of the fetus not in the Planned Parenthood sense, but that it is a baby that a whole bunch of couples would want. They already do embryo transfers in horses and I don't hear much about it in humans, though. I hope that some day, no matter the term, that a embryo or fetus can be transferred to someone that wants it. Imagine a day where medical science solves that issue and abortion is no longer an issue.


Monday, August 10 2015

Candidate Stances

Thursday, August 6 2015


Noticed that global CO2 didn't vary during that time.

Petroleum Consumption:

Mauna Loa CO2:

Friday, July 17 2015


In a big city, elect someone that doesn't enforce the laws. Scoop-up all non-rent controlled properties. Pour money into a pro-law candidate and once elected sell at a hansom profit.

Saturday, June 27 2015

California Water

Basically homes and almonds use the same amount of water:

Almonds use 4 acre feet per year

1 acre foot = 325851 galls

4 acre feet = 1303404 gallons

9.3 homes per acre

400 gallons per day

365 days per year

9.3* 400 * 365= 1357800 gallons

Wednesday, June 24 2015

Undersea Volcanoes

CO2 pulses always bothered me and with the latest revelation that they pulse during the first six months of the year, that got me thinking. Seems to correlate with our distance to the sun. When we get close enough to rip the scabs off, they start oozing and don't stop until we get farther away and the tug allows them to harden for the season.

Friday, June 12 2015

CO2 Contributions Explained by Prof. Salby

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