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Monday, May 16 2016

Good Paying Jobs

Apparently, the EU bureaucrats pay a lot about 15 minutes in.

Thursday, May 12 2016

Nuc Secrets

This is pure conjecture but I wondered what an alternative explanation other than gauging the size of their arsenal for the Russian's wanting more info on the British nuc's. My wacky theory is that they needed the #'s to verify intel and with the numbers they found out it wasn't correct. They then offed the spy providing bad information. Obama's mantra if it just saves one life was violated in this case.

Wednesday, May 11 2016

2016 Suggestions

President = Ted Cruz(Yes, I know he dropped out. Still waiting for Trump to finish figuring out his stances so I can judge him)

Governor = Bud Pierce(Lars likes him and I agree)

Secretary of State = Dennis Richardson (Lars likes and I agree)

4th District = Art Robinson(got close last time)

US Senator = Sam Carpenter(Looks most sympathetic to business)

Saturday, April 2 2016


I was hearing that Cuban children like the idea, while the parents don't. I think the best way to sum it up would be socialism is a group project you can't get out of.

Friday, April 1 2016

Rights Versus Privileges

Wondered where this type of stuff comes from.

Thursday, March 17 2016


Sunday, March 6 2016

Palestine Stuff

There was an actual caller to the Michael Medved show about this. He thought it was the Israeli's that told his Arab parents to move because the Arab's were going to launch a surprise attack. Funny thing, is that the Israeli's get criticized for warning houses they plan to attack, due to it being a missile site.

Monday, February 22 2016

Monetary Success

After hearing so much at start-ups, it really shatters the idea that they start with a plant that works. No, they have an idea and keep trying different things until either they run out of money or they hit it big. HP at one of their first meetings said something like a product to be determine later. The people that invest assume most will fail and a few will succeed. It is that few that pay for all the failures. Problem is if you are starting something and don't have a lot of investment other than your own, you really have a lot of pressure to find it quickly or back to the 40 hour a week job, from the 24x7 job.

Thursday, February 18 2016

Competition in Governments

If you are a major business or a loser athletic team, government will bend over backwards for you. I thought it was just because they were big. Even if all business political contributions were banned, they still employ a lot of people and government would be receptive to anything they said. But really it is just another form of competition. Everyone wants to build a billion dollar stadium for a worthless team that uses it a dozen times a year and leaves the area a ghost town most of the year. What's funny, is when the lower the tax bar for everyone, it suddenly is a race to the bottom. Makes you wonder if any business should get an offer from a nearby city, before expanding, and then take that with their plans to the current city. See if that greases the wheels.

Saturday, February 13 2016

Interesting Points

Wednesday, February 10 2016

Algorithms Displace Workers

Looks like currency traders are being replaced by programs. I wonder if there might be a lack of diversity amongst them and that humans could anticipate what they will do.

Tuesday, February 9 2016


Finally thought of a good acronym for variable output energy like solar, wind and tidal.

Diffuse Intermittent Energy Sources

Which is how I feel the government sponsorship should trend. As always if you leave in the middle of nowhere, it may make sense.

Today's Vocabulary Word

Friday, February 5 2016

Political Correctness Explained

Saturday, January 30 2016

UAW Golf Course

Heard people talking about this and had to verify:

Thursday, January 14 2016

Obama Gun Salesman or Salesperson?

Someone said that you would've made a killing if you bought the stock early in his presidency and they're right.

Saturday, January 2 2016

McCain Actually Supports Markets

Friday, December 25 2015

Ship Breaking

It is a horrible messy and dangerous business. But looking at the complete lack of safety, just a modicum of training and equipment would appear to dramatically improve the workers. Hard hats, walkie talkies, safety cones and gloves, some of the simplest cheapest things you could think of. I'm a total libertarian on the subject and feel that countries need to go through a wretched industrialization period and then safety and REASONABLE environmental standards will crop-up.

Friday, December 4 2015

Vietnam Restrictions

13 minutes to the end where R. Adm. Jeremy D. Taylor talks. He points out they were bombing drums of fuel, but leaving the tankers alone.

Wednesday, September 23 2015

Good Idea, in Theory

Gorgeous house, but metal will bring the outside temp inside. Saw a PBS thing where someone built a house out of concrete pads enclosed with metal that were left over from construction. They had to install warmers to deal with temperature issues.

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